Thank You for taking the time to have a look at my website all about my life, my passion and everything that’s made me who I am today.

Since the last time I owned this site it was withheld from me for a number of years and I thank each every person that has been a part of my life for the good and for the bad, as this has made me strive to succeed in everything I do. A Lot as changed in my life and feel I am finally in a great place to finally set out to tell my story and let people know a lot more about myself away from work.

As many people know I run a successful business in the entertainment industry. After years of building the business and the many struggles I have faced and continue to face to get to where I am I know now its time to get back to my roots and do the one thing I feel so passionate about.

And  this time i’m going to make sure i do it right, at my own pace. Although I feel my face is looking older and maybe i feel a little more reserved in myself i think it’s given my voice a lot of maturity so please close your eyes, find that perfect place and listen to the music. It might not be to everyones taste but the passion i have for this is 100% real and anyones opinion and views would be greatly appreciated.

On a serious note the last five years have been the hardest of my life and has changed me and maybe that change is forever but my heart is in the right place, the people I now have around me love me for who i am, and the people who are no longer in my life I really do thank you for showing your true colors and trying to break me down because I have come back stronger, wiser and happier.

Wow this sounds depressing – but what i am trying to do is show you that no matter what happens in your life it is important to be who you are throughout and make sure you keep your sanity and do what you love to do. Money and fame isn’t important having people that love you doing what you love is the most important thing and I can say i am very lucky to now have this.


I would love everyone to follow my blog so if you want to know more about me Please click the link below and give my Facebook page a like and then drop me an inbox and i will give you the password. Unfortunately i have had to password protect it has i am getting alot of spam. Hope to hear from you soon and be able to share my thoughts and experiences with you.