Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis

Whats the midlife crisis? Is it someone looking in the mirror one day and seeing the lines for the first time and wishing they had their youthful looks again? So in turn dye there hair, get botox for the first time, go on itunes and download the latest albums so they know what tunes there dancing to whilst they beg their now teenage children to go clubbing with them whilst all their friends call them milf or dilf.

Is the midlife crises a sudden realization that we aint getting any younger and we want to take back our lives again and stop living for someone else? Trapped in a loveless marriage or spent the last 20 years bringing up your beautiful children.

Most people don’t realise that we only get one chance at this life until that very moment we look in the mirror one day and think what the fuck happened to the last 20 years.

What people dont understand is no one wants someone to be a sheep to conform and change who you are, we want the real you. Trying to conform and change who you are only creates bitterness and lost time…. Be the crazy mam that lives on a boat….. Be the strange dad that risks his life climbing mountains…. be the best cook in the world who wants to create a loving home and makes the best chocolate cake BUT never be a sheep and never think i have to someone else because society says so.

I could go on about my past and who I am today. But one thing I can say is i’m not conventional and im not your typical parent but what gives me joy is seeing my daughter’s pride on how different I am. How she goes to school telling everyone im a singer or I’ve brought her back lava from iceland or i’m walking 300 miles. I could of easily of got a 9 to 5 with a secure wage. But Id rather follow my dreams and take my daughter on this amazing journey even if it means sometimes I loose and sometimes I win. I know i’m showing my daughter everything I am and everything i think life should be.

So the next time someone says are you going through a midlife crises say “no I’ve just opened up my eyes and realised i need to be who i truly am” And if you ain’t hit your midlife crises yet, invite it in and let it begin now.

One life live it.
Adventure starts outside your comfort zone xxx

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